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Team Meeting

OUR Team

Senior Leadership

Sam Leask
Chief Executive Officer

"Ultimately, becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses early on in college helped me immeasurably in my professional career " 

Dylan Haskell
Chief Operations Officer

"Today, my aspirations are to continue to help college students grow and learn across New England and continue to brand CE as the best place for college students to start their professional careers. " 

Talent Acquisition

Cameron Merrill
Cameron Merrill
Staff Recruiter

"This company, coupled with my own motivation and dedication, has led to a mass amount of personal development;"

Daniel Vilarinho.jpg
Campus Representative

"I realized that failure is the best way to learn in any situation, and hands-on experience is invaluable when trying something new."

Daniel Vilarinho
Katherine Lerner-Teves.jpg
Katherine Lerner-Teves
Campus Representative

"I gained a real understanding of all the moving parts that go into a well-run business and I now know I am capable of great things"

Joe Consorti
Joe Consorti
Talent Acquisition Officer

"I broke from my relatively inexperienced self into a slightly more experienced self who managed to run a six-figure business"

Executives & Student Mentors

Travis Nickerson.jpg
Travis Nickerson
Regional Manager

" I want to be my own boss, run my own businesses, and have a group of people who I can confidently employ full-time. " 

Daniel Marino.jpg
Daniel Marino
Regional Manager

"The thing about being an entrepreneur is it takes a special kind of mindset. It takes someone willing to put everything out there and step outside their comfort zone."

Dani Haines.jpg
Danielle Haines
Regional Manager

"I learned not only about business, marketing, selling, and leadership, but about myself - my own personal limits, strides, and mainly how much I am truly capable of"

Emma Chute.jpg
Emma Chute
Operations Manager

"I decided to take the risk and it paid off in the end when I was able to meet my new higher goal"

Casey Bennoch.jpg
Casey Bennoch
General Manager

"I kept doing it because although I was afraid of every single person who opened the door to hear me try to give a pitch, I was ultimately more afraid of failing."

Phelan Doyle.jpg
Phelan Doyle
Regional Manager

""Entrepreneurship is all about stepping out of your comfort zone which was one of the biggest accomplishments I overcame by running my own business.""

Administrative Staff

Madeleine Gotschlich
Madeleine Gotschlich
Administrative Assistant/Social Media Manager

"My varied skillset and wide array of passions were not treated as something unusual and useless, but instead as a valuable asset"

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