Team Meeting

OUR Team

Sam Leask
Chief Executive Officer

"Ultimately, becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses early on in college helped me immeasurably in my professional career " 

Travis Nickerson
Operations Manager

" I want to be my own boss, run my own businesses, and have a group of people who I can confidently employ full-time. " 

Trevor Martell
Regional Manager

"I could have picked up a business elective but instead I figured it would be best to just throw myself into the proverbial deep end, sink or swim. " 

Gaetano Micalizzi
District Manager

"During my time at CE, I learned that I was terrible at delegating, avoided hard conversations at all costs, and became complacent " 

Kyle Brown
Campus Representative

"Have faith in yourself and your abilities so you can come out of this summer with a valuable set of skills "

Dylan Haskell
Chief Operations Officer

"Today, my aspirations are to continue to help college students grow and learn across New England and continue to brand CE as the best place for college students to start their professional careers. " 

Riley Gilpatric
District Manager

"...Collegiate Entrepreneurs, the job sounded like a great opportunity to work directly with people while also challenging and developing my business skills. 

Sydney Gillespie
Regional Manager

"I learned how to put myself out there, be assertive, and be confident in myself. My failures helped me realize what my strengths and weaknesses are. " 

Joe Robinson
Operations Manager

"This experience has pushed me to better myself as an individual, and shown me the true extent of what I can accomplish"

Joki Wallace
Campus Representative

"Creativity is one of the most important elements of hitting goals when things get difficult"

Michael Urbanek
Operations Manager

"The challenge of running my own business helped me develop valuable professional and  interpersonal skills"