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Hear from last summer’s interns about

their experience with Collegiate!

I am the type of person who has very high expectations for themselves. I came into Collegiate Entrepreneurs confident that I could take on the responsibilities and handle the position easily but that changed shortly after I started. I struggled in pretty much every area - sales, job completion, hiring, customer satisfaction.


With training from Collegiate, I greatly improved my sales skills and learned a lot about the process of generating leads and converting those leads into sales. I learned to have an internal locus of control, to take responsibility and do what I could to improve situations. I did everything in my power to ensure things went right and I found that if you go all in, everything will work out. It was a lot of hard work but it was all worth it in the end. Next summer, I plan to study abroad and I know that I’ll be able to take the lessons I learned here and apply them, both in my studies and in my future career in the sales world.


University of Rhode Island







University of Maine





Before I came to CE, I was an aspiring entrepreneur with basically no idea about the ins and outs of running a business. I had a little management experience and two years of my degree, but that was nothing compared to the education I gained from Collegiate.


Initially, I struggled with discipline, which affected everything from marketing to job completion. The biggest lesson that I learned is the necessity of organization. It is so important in keeping yourself from getting overwhelmed and making sure that you remember why you started this experience. Once I was able to make a solid plan that took into account a number of different situations, I was able to finish strong.  Despite all the struggles, my time as a branch manager was an experience that I don’t think I could get anywhere else and it’s something I’ll use for the rest of my life. I plan to apply the discipline I’ve gained to swim and school and finish those out strong too!

Throughout my experience at Collegiate Entrepreneurs I found that my biggest area of growth was my confidence, which proved to be a struggle when managing my crew. I came into Collegiate unmotivated, I was that kind of person that sat at the back of class and didn't pay attention. Now I feel motivated and capable everyday. This upcoming year, I will be an operations manager. I am excited to help other Branch Managers learn from my mistakes and help guide them through their own Branch Manager experiences.

During my own experience, I learned that things don't just happen or come your way. One lucky sale does not mean every estimate will be a winner. I needed to listen, understand their issues, and be assertive. It takes willpower and dedication to get through the many problems that are sure to come your way.

Joe R.

Suffolk University





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